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This is a vast and deep conversation. There are so many different products that can be installed on an HVAC system that can all change how you interact and control your HVAC system(s), how you increase the comfort level in the home, or even improve your indoor air quality situation.

System Control Devices (Thermostats)

Hundreds of thermostats on the market can all do a little of this, a lot of that, but not this, but they can do that, but remember that too. Choose the thermostat you like the looks of, and we can ensure it will work for your system. Here at Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling, we do like the Ecobee 5 Pro probably the most – it grants us the most control to ensure during the commissioning (start-up) process, we are using all the settings we have available to us on their operating platform to achieve the goal you have with your new system. Indoor

Air Quality (IAQ) Devices/Air Filtration Systems

Once again, very convoluted subject with a lot of moving pieces, and we need to understand your goals, and current situation, before making any kind of professional opinion. Covid brought a lot of IAQ devices to the market, some of which are hot garbage, but we find the Respicaire line of products to be most effective with the correct science to match how they are branded and marketed to homeowners. We will go with the Aprilaire line of filter cabinets to increase the capture rate of dirt and inborn materials (assuming we have the space for a very wide filter). They have the largest surface area of media on the market, and if installed correctly, they have less than 1% air leakage, so you know all the air returned to your furnace is being filtered before being resupplied to living spaces.

Comfort Control Devices

Overall comfort inside your home CAN only be achieved by trying to control its humidity levels. We can increase the amount of humidity in the wintertime through whole-home humidifiers, with steam humidifiers being the best at increasing and controlling humidity, even with little to none being available outdoors. In the case of the summertime, a dehumidifier (or a two-stage/variable speed air conditioner) can be utilized to drain that stickiness out of the air, even in the most humid climates. And no, I am not talking about the portable ones you can buy at a big box store. We use Aprilaire’s line of ducted dehumidifiers that crush the performance of ANYTHING you could buy from your local superstore or hardware store.

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