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Is Having a Company Come To My House My Only Option for Getting A Price on a HVAC System? No?

Here at Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling here in Kansas City we believe that the HVAC industry has got away with using smoke and mirrors, throwing up loads of red tape, and hiding behind confusing or misunderstood abbreviations for far, far too long. So, we are compiling videos to gift homeowners the ability to receive a foundational understanding of their options when it comes to exploring their home's HVAC upgrade.

Does The Brand Matter When Choosing My Next HVAC System?

No, not at all. It will be the installing contractor that will be the reason that your system will achieve the life expectancy it designed to achieve - more so than the sticker or badge that appears on any of the units. In fact, throw that guy out that may come to your home touting his brand his better than any others. Sure, there are cases where there are manufacturing defects with the units but that is much, much less common than improper practices being performed on the units during the installation and commissioning (first time start up) process.
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What Are My Options For Choosing an Air Conditioner?What Are My Options For Choosing an Air Conditioner?

You have a good number of air conditioner options available to you when exploring your next HVAC installation project.
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What Are My Options for Choosing a Furnace?

There are several things to consider when looking to purchase a new furnace from an HVAC contractor. You have several options when it comes to AFUE, gas valve type, blower motor type, and (the most overlooked aspect) the warranty associated with the product.
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What Are My Options For a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are some people's worst nightmare. For us, we believe in the advancements they are making, especially when installed with a gas furnace. More advanced systems can be utilized without the need for excessive use of back up electric heat strips (or sometimes referred to as auxiliary heat) even in extremely low temperatures. Everyone's situation is different based on territory and overall goal. Ensure you are selecting a contractor that knows how the changes that are occurring with heat pumps could positively impact your situation.
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What Is An Evaporator Coil? And Dual Fuel?

An evaporator is in the heart of the refrigeration cycle, and this the place the "cooling" (or heating when speaking of heat pumps in heating mode) takes place. Your evaporator coil is connected to the outdoor unit through a copper tubing. Once the thermostat calls for cooling and the outdoor unit turns on the, the refrigeration cycle starts. The refrigerant will be entering the coil at a lower energy level (cold) and as air travels across it, cool and drier air is delivered to the living spaces through the ductwork system.

What Are All The Types of Warranties Available?

Please consult with your installing contractor about all the warranties associated with your installation. All the publicly traded manufactures aren't creating perpetual machines that will last for 20-30 years like the days of the past - that would do nothing for share holder values. You will experience a degree of a breakdown, typically within 10 years, so make sure you are getting maximum value for you investment with the protections of a top of the line warranty.

What Is A Communicating HVAC System?

Communicating systems are considered to be the most advanced types of heating and cooling systems a homeowner could purchase. These units use a lot of sensors found on the outdoor unit, the furnace, and the thermostat to be able to perform lower levels of self diagnosis or alert homeowners of noticeable changes to the system before they become larger issues. Typically, a communicating system, if installed correctly, is going to grant a homeowner the ultimate level of control over their homes indoor comfort.
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What Are My Accessory Options For My Next (or Existing) HVAC System?

This is a vast and deep conversation. There are so many different products that can be installed on a HVAC system that can all change how you interact and control your HVAC system(s), how you increase the level of comfort in the home, or even improve your indoor air quality situation.
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Things To Consider About Design and What Can Change Prices of an HVAC Installation

Here is will the professionals come in, or in our case investigate a number of photos supplied by you or by participating in a Apple Facetime like experience. There are a lot of variables to consider when designing a system into a home and they are almost second nature to the those that are the very best at their craft.

What Payment Options Do HVAC Contractors Offer?

As a homeowner, there are A LOT of different payment options a contractor can utilize to meet all the needs you will have for getting this home upgrade completed. Most professional HVAC contractors are aligned with lenders who have the ability to stretch the term (years) out granting you the lowest monthly payment, options for deferred payments or 0% APR, solutions for those that are credit challenged, or even localized programs.

The Importance of Reoccurring Maintenance On HVAC Systems

Consult with your trusted, professional HVAC company so you know their process and any benefits that may come with enrolling in a maintenance program with them.
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What Are My Options For A Ductless Mini-Split?

Ductless Mini Splits are great for a multitude of reasons. They can be a solution for a suborn area of the home that won't quite condition to your liking, be a primary source of conditioning the home when multiple heads are utilized, or add additional comfort to areas that are traditionally unconditioned spaces.
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Pearl Certification

Cynthia Adams, CEO & Co-founder of Pearl, talks to homeowners about the value of a Pearl Certification for their home — and why hiring an elite Pearl Contractor is the smart choice for anyone seeking the energy-efficiency, comfort, and health benefits of a high-performing home. Learn more at

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