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Dual Fuel System Experts, Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling

In The Kansas City Metro Area, the summers are hot and muggy while the winters are brutally cold, snowy, and windy. The average temperature swings from the nineties to well below freezing. A dual-fuel system provides the ideal solution to our weather extremes. While a bigger initial investment, this innovative combination of equipment significantly trims utility costs to pay for itself very quickly. Plus, you enjoy exceptional comfort no matter the severity of outdoor conditions. Simply get in touch with the experts from Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling to get started!

Extreme weather solutions for every season

What is a dual fuel system? While most homeowners are familiar with the pairing of a furnace and air conditioner, a dual fuel system partners a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. An air conditioner is limited to cooling. A heat pump offers both heating and cooling. Rather than burning fossil fuels to generate heat, the system takes advantage of ambient heat available in the outdoor air and simply transfers it indoors. This process is especially quiet, clean, safe, and energy efficient.

Lower cost and higher efficiency heating & cooling solutions

Heat pumps reduce energy costs, effectively dehumidify in cooling mode, won’t dry out the air in heating mode, improve air quality, and are powerful enough to handle comfort just about all year round. When the outdoor conditions drop below freezing, the furnace automatically takes over. By alternating between the optimum source for temperature control at any given time, you benefit from maximum energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, lower expenses and an answer to intensive heat and sub-zero cold. Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling provides dual fuel installation, maintenance, and repairs, anywhere across Raytown, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Independence, MO.

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