Expert Air Conditioning Installation in Kansas City Stay Cool with Hometown Heroes

When the sun is high and the Missouri heat waves hit, nothing beats the refuge of a cool, air-conditioned space.

That's where we come in. Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling brings expert air conditioning installation and replacement to the heart of Kansas City, ensuring your comfort is never compromised.


Why Air Conditioning Replacement/Installation is Crucial?

The right company isn't just about getting a new air conditioner installed; it's about ensuring it's the right system, fitted perfectly to your needs and space.

A reliable Kansas City HVAC company like Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling will guarantee your new system is up and running efficiently and effectively from day one.

  1. Energy Efficiency: New air conditioners are modern marvels when it comes to energy use, helping you save on electricity without skimping on cool air.
  2. Improved Air Quality: Today’s units are not only coolers but cleaners too, keeping the air in your space free from dust and allergens.
  3. Reliability and Comfort: A new system means less worrying about breakdowns and more enjoying consistent, comforting coolness.

At Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling, we don't just install an air conditioner; we deliver a promise of enhanced efficiency, reliability, and air quality with a personal touch unique to the Kansas City community.

Our AC Installation Services

Whether you're at home or managing a commercial space, our installation services are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Diverse System Options


  • Standard AC Units: Perfect for those after the traditional cool.
  • Air-Source Heat Pumps: An efficient option for both heating and cooling.
  • Geothermal Systems: Leveraging the earth's steady temperatures for your comfort.
  • Ductless Units: Ideal for spaces where ductwork isn’t feasible, offering targeted cool.

Ensuring Excellence with MeasureQuick

We elevate our installation services with the MeasureQuick software, which helps verify the perfect performance of your newly installed system through innovative Bluetooth tools and sensors. This technology confirms that every facet of your AC installation meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Certified Expertise for Your Peace of Mind

Our EPA-certified technicians are seasoned pros, ensuring that each installation is not just done, but done right. As qualified Nest Pros, we bring you the added advantage of integrating smart technologies like Nest thermostats, designed to enhance the efficiency and control of your heating and cooling systems.

The Hometown Heroes Advantage

When it comes to keeping your space cool and comfortable, the expertise behind the installation makes all the difference. Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling is proud to partner with Carrier, a leading brand in air conditioning systems. This partnership brings a host of benefits to our customers in the Kansas City area:

By choosing us, you're getting access to some of the most advanced air conditioning units available today.

Our team is comprehensively trained in a variety of cooling solutions, from robust central air conditioner units to sleek and silent ductless systems.

We've got the Kansas City area covered. Whether you're in Raytown, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, or Independence, MO, our local presence ensures prompt and reliable service.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your AC Installation

Opting for Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling means you're setting yourself up for success with a suite of benefits tailored to ensure your peace of mind:

We go beyond the basic install with advanced performance checks to ensure your system is operating flawlessly.

Every fitting and joint is tested for leaks because the little things matter when it comes to your air conditioning installation.

We keep detailed records of your system's installation and warranties, making future maintenance straightforward and hassle-free.

Our installations include PVC drain lines and traps designed to provide optimal condensate drainage, protecting your home from water damage.

Qualifying systems are backed by a solid warranty, giving you a decade of worry-free cooling.

Stay ahead of the game with our Sensi Predict monitoring system, offering 24/7 troubleshooting to detect issues before they become problems.

On qualifying systems, rest assured knowing that both labor and parts are covered for a full decade.


Our Installation Process

Embarking on a new air conditioner installation is a journey we take with precision and care. Here's what you can expect when you choose Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling for your HVAC system needs:


Pre-Installation Assessment

Before we begin, our team conducts a thorough assessment of your space. This crucial step ensures that we understand your specific needs, from the size of the air conditioning unit required to the unique characteristics of your property that influence airflow and quality.


Choosing the Right System

Based on the assessment, we'll recommend a quality air conditioning system that fits your space and budget perfectly. We take into account everything from your indoor air quality needs to the efficiency of the cooling system.


Day of Installation

When the installation day arrives, our team works with efficiency and respect for your time and space. We'll remove any old equipment if necessary, install your new air conditioning unit, and ensure everything is connected properly for optimal performance.


Post-Installation Verification and Walk-Through

After the installation, we don't just pack up and leave. We perform a series of post-installation checks using MeasureQuick software to ensure your system is functioning perfectly. Then, we walk you through the new setup, demonstrating how to operate your new cooling system and answering any questions you might have.

At every step, we prioritize clear communication and quality service, ensuring that your HVAC system installation experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling, your comfort is our command.

Get Started with Your AC Installation

Ready to enjoy a cooler home or business in Kansas City? Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling is here to bring you top-notch air conditioning installation services. Getting started is easy:


  1. Schedule an Appointment: Simply pick up the phone and call us at (816) 727-7938. Whether you prefer to call or text, we're here to respond promptly.
  2. Free Consultation Service: If you're in the Kansas City Metro Area, take advantage of our free consultation service. We'll discuss your needs and how we can help make your space more comfortable.
  3. Personalized Advice and Solutions: Every space is unique, and so are your cooling needs. Contact us for tailored advice and solutions that match your individual situation.