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WiFi Thermostats

WiFi thermostats aren’t a new invention but have continued to evolve with technological innovation. They’ve gotten better and better. Today’s generation of smart controls utilizes advanced algorithms to cater to your household’s heating and cooling requirements, automatically adjusting system operation to match. The thermostat learns when you wake up in the morning, recognizes when the house is empty, and makes adjustments in response.

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Professional WiFi Thermostat Installations

Apps allow you to access features and make changes from your phone from virtually any location. With knowledge of all the leading makes and models of smart thermostats, Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling helps you determine the one that’s ideal for you. We take into consideration your budget, lifestyle, HVAC system, and preferences for style and features.

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Constant Comfort Plan

Plan starts at just $8.99 a month

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Options include:

Ecobee Smart Thermostat
UV Light
April Air Filter
One Year System Maintenance


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When you need a WiFi thermostat service or repair, trust in Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling!

The professionals from Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling are happy to offer free estimates and explain the benefits of options such as energy tracking, troubleshooting alerts, voice commands, learning capacity, geofencing, automatic home/away features, and more. Stylish, working to conserve energy, touchscreen displays, and user-friendly, today’s options in thermostats make life easier, less expensive, and more comfortable. As Nest Pros, Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling specializes in the leading manufacturer on the market and handles proper setup and all further services for homeowners across Raytown, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Independence, MO.

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