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Smart Thermostats with Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling

Smart thermostats not only allow homeowners to control heating and cooling through tablets, phones, and other devices but also make adjustments from virtually anywhere. They offer convenience, cost-savings, and superior comfort. There is more to these modern innovations than temperature settings. When you reach out to Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling, we explain options, make sure you take advantage of the best features for your specific goals, and handle the proper installation and setup.

Your trusted Smart Thermostat experts

Providing prompt, professional HVAC services across Raytown, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Independence, MO, Hometown Heroes Heating and Cooling is the key to optimizing the efficiency and enjoyment of your home. Here are some of the helpful features of modern thermostats:

  • Zone control – With independent room adjustment, you’re able to heat and cool more efficiently. You don’t need to pay to maintain the ideal temperature in areas you aren’t using. You’re also able to customize comfort to personal preference.
  • Geofencing – The smart thermostat detects smartphone location. It knows when a family member enters or exits a virtual boundary around the home and adjusts heating/cooling accordingly.
  • Energy tracking – Many smart thermostats provide feedback, allowing you to see where additional savings are possible. You’ll know exactly how many hours you’ve operated the heating or cooling system, and some devices also provide energy-saving tips.
  • Holiday mode – When you’re away from home, this feature enables the heating system to start up if the temperature drops below a set level, helping to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Learning capability – There are smart devices that keep track of adjustments to temperature for the first week after installation. It learns your schedule and preferences and programs itself accordingly.
  • Customized displays – Not only are modern thermostats streamlined and easy to navigate but there are also those that light up as you approach, answer voice commands and even upload photos for a personalized display.
  • Compatible with other devices – Today’s generation of thermostats is compatible with Google Home devices, Amazon Echo, and more.
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